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Black Pearl Limousine: Your Happy Schleppers

Black Pearl Limousine: Your Happy Schleppers (more…)

We’ve Got Your Back

All around the world, people are beset with strife, tragedy and hopelessness. I think about the tenuous situation in our very own country. We are witnessing an historical presidential election punctuated by incident after incident of wanton violence.

Fixated on their cellphones and mobile devices, people walk the streets dazed – yearning for a distraction from their dismal realities or from boredom itself. Yet when asked, people all around the world crave the same things in life: to feel safe and to feel like they matter – that someone is paying attention.

It really does boil down to just that.

For every decision we make, subconsciously we weigh in our personal safety and that of others. We make deliberate choices to engage with people that matter to us – people with whom we like, trust, and have built a relationship.

How does this relate to car service, you ask? Despite the obvious of – don’t ride in a car with a driver you don’t know, like or trust – which I tell my teen daughter incessantly, there is something more. In this era of virtual shopping, instant friendships, and automated everything, more than ever, we need to feel connected to others. Whether it’s the friendly cashier at your local grocery store or your favorite hair stylist, we develop loyalty to those that consistently take care of us – to those with whom we work well together and trust.

So yes, we provide car service. Yet, more than the delivery of our services, what we truly care about are the relationships we get to build. From the moment you make your reservation, we begin preparing to make whatever necessary accommodations to help you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Not only do we want to exceed your expectations, we want you to know you can rely on us. We have your best interest at heart, and time after time you’ll notice, we’ve got your back.

Beware the “Cheapest:” Do you know who’s behind the wheel?

Uber vs. LyftHow much is your life worth to you? Thirty bucks, forty? Much more you say? If that’s not true, why are you willing to hop into a car with anyone to save thirty bucks regardless if they have proper insurance or credentials? Because whoever is behind the wheel, owns your life while you’re the passenger in their car.

At Black Pearl Limousine, we understand the perils and liabilities of putting your life in the hands of a stranger. We’re extremely leery of unscrupulous so-called companies who give our industry a bad rap.

People that use professional car services value their lives and value good service. They seek a longstanding relationship with the people taking them “to and from” time and again. Our clients gain peace-of-mind riding with a licensed, insured, and bonded company. If something happens on these crazy South Florida roads of ours, they’re protected. They know their belongings will be returned to them if inadvertently left in one of our vehicles.

Our customers take comfort in knowing their chauffeur has been vetted and trained as a professional. And that the driver doesn’t qualify for employment at Black Pearl Limousine if not already double-screened and finger-printed by the police department. We keep tabs on all our drivers’ driving records and submit them to random toxicology tests. Safety and security are two major concerns of ours. Such concerns cost money, quite frankly.

Therefore, we will never be the “cheapest.” Sure, there are many single owner-operators, or rather, “a guy with a car – or two” out there. They bring the whole market value down when they price dump.

Yet unbeknownst to the oblivious consumer, these guys don’t make the costly investments in commercial insurance, or bother with valid permits or updated licenses ( just like Uber and Lyft.)

So of course, they’re all “cheaper.” They have no liability or accountability should anything unfortunate come to pass. The drivers could be exhausted coming off 12-hour construction job shifts looking to make a few extra bucks. However, their fatigue is nobody’s concern because there is no dispatcher overseeing their schedules or keeping track of how much sleep they do or don’t get.

Furthermore, if you leave your belongings in their cars, better kiss them goodbye. If they don’t show up on time or not at all for your 3am pick up, you have no recourse. You don’t get a contract emailed to your inbox outlining their responsibilities and yours prior to service, like we do.

So, if you’re price-shopping for the “cheapest” deal in town and happen to land on our page, please remember that we are the company that places the values of comfort, safety and security above all else. We believe in paying our drivers fairly and offering an incomparable service to our customers. After all, we’re interested in developing long-term relationships, not just one-time flings.

Limos for Mom on Mother’s Day

Mothers. Most of us have one, and if not, have someone in our lives that represents nurture, unconditional love and support. As such, this upcoming Mother’s Day, we at Black Pearl Limousine believe experiences, more than things, are worth our hard-earned money and time. Those special moments we share celebrating milestones, our love for one another, and personal accomplishments.

There are many ways to show Mom she is deserving of the very best life has to offer. Being in the service industry, we highly recommend any service-related gift so she feels special and can unwind. May seem cliché, but a full-body massage never goes out of style, nor any other spa treatment for that matter. And of course, for those that really want to splurge on Mom, a quick getaway to the Caribbean islands or the Keys – our own backyard paradise – is always a relished treat.

Naturally, one of our personal favorites, a first class limo ride to Mom’s favorite dinner spot, followed by the theatre, a show or hot spot on Miami’s South BeacH is a guaranteed success. Leave the traffic and the parking to us and let Mom sink into the soft leather seats in the cabin of one of our luxury vehicles while enjoying a glass of wine and some good conversation.

One price includes the pick-up, drop off, and the driver waiting wherever you need him to be. And if you need help with the planning and logistics, Black Pearl Limo’s premier concierge services have helped many people plan the perfect event – all included in the same one price.

If you need a little help coming up with something creative and truly unique, call us at Black Pearl Limo. We’re not just a car service company, we consider ourselves part of the hospitality industry as well. Call us now and see what we can do to enhance Mom’s special day: 561-852-2345