Black Pearl Limousine: Your Happy Schleppers

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Black Pearl Limousine: Your Happy Schleppers

Black Pearl Limousine: Your Happy Schleppers

At BPL (Black Pearl Limousine), we affectionately refer to ourselves as “the afterthought business.” And we do not take offense to that. We understand that selecting the venue, caterer, DJ or band, photographer, videographer, photo booth, décor, etc. is well-researched and booked long before we come into play. And that is okay.
It’s our job to remain on stand-by for the inevitable: “We forgot we need some way to get the kids to the party and back,” or “Oh yeah, we need a ride to the party because we’ll want to drink, and then back home to schlepp all our decor and gifts.”

Based on our experience working with countless Mitzvah families for parties on all kinds of budgets, we share the following information so you can prepare and build transportation services into your Mitzvah budget. Although numbers vary depending on time used, number of people to transport, and vehicles requested, we recommend earmarking between $900 – $1500 for transportation services.

What’s trending:

1. Stretch limo with red carpet service to transport Mitzvah family to the temple or party venue

2. Shuttle out-of-town guests to and from local airports. (20% OFF coupons for this sedan service provided to families who hire BPL coaches, buses, limos and/or vans.)

3. Bus service for kids and/or out-of-town guests between hotel and party and/or temple and party round trip. Not only does this encourage more kids to attend the service, but it also eases the schlepping burden placed on parents. Plus, let’s be honest: hanging with the friends on the bus is the cool place to be!
* NOTE: on all vans, coaches, and buses, one chaperone for every 15 kids is required.

4. Book your getaway Sprinter van or large SUV to bring your family home with plenty of room for all swag, Mitzvah gifts, centerpieces, décor, etc.

And let’s face it: anyone can be a schlepper. But nobody truly cares about the Mitzvah families like Black Pearl Limo: spending hours on the phone with Mitzvah clients to coordinate all the details, monitoring the drivers on GPS and always having a contingency plan, enlisting the drivers to help the chaperones “count heads,” and assist with the loading and unloading of swag for your after-party ride home.

This is your family’s big event and quality matters.

Who knows? You may end up liking us so much that we get honored with the first Aliyah!