Mom, don’t worry – BPL is driving Tonight

Mom, don’t worry – BPL is driving Tonight

Coming home from college and getting together with my hometown friends all around SoFL is so exciting. We love to catch our favorite artists on tour performing anywhere between Miami and Palm Beach. 

Quickly we came to realize this:  good, reliable transportation elevates the entire experience of partying or attending a concert. Our group is usually larger than 3, so regular Ubers get pretty uncomfortable. We’re forced to choose who sits up front as the ‘driver pacifier’ with the rest of us squeezed in the back. 

Chartering an SUV with BPL is a gamechanger. We get a professional chauffeur at our service for the number of hours we need without paying extra for each stop—regardless of distance. This gives us so much flexibility, comfort, and security for the night.

Our BPL driver picks us up from our own homes, so nobody has to rush to meet up in one place to save money on extra (Uber) stops. Our chauffeur drops us right at the entrance to our venue or restaurant and waits nearby. 

Another perk: when we need to leave jackets, umbrellas or sleepover stuff in the car it’s never an issue. The driver comes right back if we need something or want to go. Having a place to keep all our crap is an absolute luxury! 

The parents are cool because they know the chauffeur keeps an eye on us and is there in case of any emergency or to go home early. 

The truth is calling multiple Ubers throughout the night may be cheaper, but figuring out the logistics sucks when you’re tipsy and tired.  And tracing back steps if anything is lost along the way is impossible. 

BPL will take care of us and has their s*#t together so we don’t have to!  

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