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Seaport Transfers

At Black Pearl we realize that South Florida contains some of the busiest seaports in the USA. We specialize in transportation to and from Port of Palm Beach, Port of Miami and Port Everglades. For any event such as Anniversary Cruises, Family Reunions, or Honeymoons, we will provide transportation to and from the ship for you and your group.

It can most certainly be overwhelming and chaotic to exit a ship into a sea of people, and not knowing which car is yours amid thousands. Not to worry, we are very experienced navigating the murky waters of the Ports and know just how each cruise terminal operates. At Black Pearl, we can help guide you in the requesting of a disembark time from your cruise ship. From there, we know exactly how much time to calculate by the time you get out of Customs. If you’re assigned a 9am disembark time, for example, we will schedule your pick up time for 9:30am. This way you’re not waiting on us and our drivers aren’t waiting either for the Port officers strive to keep us from idling. Our driver will call or text you 15 minutes before your scheduled pick up and then stay in touch as you emerge from Customs and make the connection.

Choosing the right vehicle

Black Pearl Limousine is specialized in affordable luxury transportation to and from public and private cruise terminals across the Southeast. Pick a vehicle that suits your needs, and we will take care of the rest – the car seats, organization of the bags, strollers, wheelchairs – whatever. If you are uncertain which vehicle to select, simple call our office and a customer service representative will be happy to guide you towards the vehicle that best suits your needs depending on how many in your group and how much stuff you’ll be bringing along.

Connecting with driver once off ship

Your luxury and comfort are of our highest concern. When you make the connection with the driver, he will carefully and swiftly store all the bags in the trunk or back of the vehicle, away from your feet and the vehicle aisles. Because it is hectic with so many people, cars and police officers moving in so many directions, the driver will make sure you take a good look around and haven’t left anything behind. Once in the car, you can just sit back and relax as the driver weaves his way out of the busy Port.